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The Importance of Data Integrity In a Company.

Data integrity is the maintenance and management of information and data accuracy throughout its entire life-cycle. It also refers to how data is integrated for design and the implementation of the system for storing, retrieving, and managing that data.

To ensure there is proper data integrity, when data is stored, it should be:

  • Truthful.
  • Accurate.
  • Verifiable.
  • Retrievable.
  • Complete.

For handling data in an organization, one of the greatest risks companies may face is having an adequate form of data integrity. Data has to go through multiple transactions in support of company decision making, data production, data updating, and data transference.

For that reason, when managing company data, it is essential to make sure data is free of:

  • Corruption.
  • Inaccuracy.
  • Unauthorized access.
  • Modification.

For companies to gain a sense of security while managing data, integration and security is a subject that can’t be stressed enough.
Management in a company should be able to do as much research as possible to avoid organizational failures through inefficient data integrity practices.

Poor data integrity could result in:

  • Bulks of inaccurate information.
    If there happens to be an error or a single error in a data file, while processing this data file, inaccurate information continues to be used. This could lead to bulks of information being affected by these single errors.
  • Low employee productivity.
    Employees may find themselves demotivated working in an organization that doesn’t have proper data integrity. After a while, employee performance may reduce and efficiency would also decrease.
  • Failure to reach organizational goals.
    Proper data management is essential to run a business effectively. When a goal is met, keeping track of that data would assist is gaining profitability, and improving performance. It would also help with seeing where the company requires improvement. This would ensure better efficiency in the company.

Company data integrity is something that would continue to face challenges. However, with the right method for data management and monitoring, companies can gain a significant advantage.

An qms software with erp interfaces is a software that is used to improve organizational efficiency through automated procedures, better data management, and increased improvement in production.

Choosing the right QMS is essential to maintain company data, for that, Harrington Group International is here to help. HGI is known to issue the best QMS in the industry and guarantees organizational improvement through optimal software solutions such as audit management software, training management software, calibration software, etc. Choose HGI for your company needs!

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