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Preparing for an Audit and Having the Right Audit Management Software

Preparing for an Audit and Having the Right Audit Management Software

Realizing you are due an audit can fill you with fear. There is concern about what could have been missed and what the consequences could be. It doesn’t matter if you are doing an internal one or having one inflicted on you; you need to be prepared. Having audit management software should give you a bit of confidence, but there are still things to do. Here are three things that you can do to get the best results.

Three steps to Audit

Firstly, there must be a complete record. If there is not one, then how can you prove certain things happened? Online and paper documents must show the same thing and, most importantly, fit in with its plans and ethos. Check that staff understands what they are doing. It’s OK to have someone who can enter data, but they also must know what they are changing and why.

Talking to the Auditor

Staff members that are interviewed must be fully conversant in the topics being discussed. Questions should be answered thoroughly and honestly. There is no harm in saying you don’t know. It would be worse to try and bluff your way through or give the wrong information. Ideally, be honest, be open and be brief. If the auditor strays from the topic being discussed, remind them of the criteria.

Keep it simple

A mistake is not the end of the world, but it doesn’t look good if a worker can’t remember the most obvious things. Keep them up to date with policies so questions will be easy to answer. Make sure all bases are covered, and then wait for the day. There are limits to what you can do when employees are being interviewed, but you are on the right track with good auditing management software in place. Harrington Group International can set you up with a user-friendly business management software tools and can streamline processes such as ISO certification.